What We Do

Motiv8 Studios is a social enterprise on a mission to unleash the power of gaming for good. We are a collective of passionate professionals - from artists and coders to neuroscientists and psychologists - all working towards the common goal of solving real social problems. Our solutions are grounded in cutting-edge academic research and utilise emerging technologies and game theory, resulting in engaging and effective video games and applications that are fun to play!

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Our Commitment To Research

Motiv8 Studios is committed to an evidence-based approach to design and development - through deeply examining the components of mental health and analytically designing our solutions against key metrics and indicators of wellness. That commitment makes development more complex, but nevertheless an undertaking we accept as critical to creating real value for the people we aim to serve.

As a community organization as well as social enterprise, we set a high standard of ethics, taking into account user well-being, privacy, consent, use of AI, business ethics and security. We are working on an ongoing basis with researchers from Academic and health institutions to explore the path to positive mental health for the community, while supplying clinicians and patients with valuable data that empowers their care.

Contact Us

Are you interested in what we are doing? Would you like to contribute in any way? Feel free to send a message and say hi. We will get back to you as soon as we can. In the mean time, follow us on social media for updates and the occasional stream.